Friday, August 14, 2009

Wanted Alive: Some Mussels

I was going to go ahead and cook the butter, garlic, lemon and paprika mussels that are most likely going to win the previously-posted poll. Unfortunately, after spending the better part of the day brewing my fall seasonal "Reaper's Breath Dunkelcrunkelweizen," buying mussels at the Italian Market was not an option. Normally Whole Foods has mussels, but at 7:00pm they had already sold out. I guess mussel fever is sweeping the nation. Superfresh's seafood counter had already closed, so there will be no mussels today. It's rough trying to keep myself up to my elbows in beer and mussels, and sometimes it doesn't work out. But I'll get back on my mussel horse, and a recipe will be posted before the end of the weekend. And if it's not, I'll come back and change this post to look like I never said that it would be.

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